Dividend coins operate the same way as physical coins—except that they only exist virtually. While currencies such as pound notes are regulated by official channels like the Bank of England, the control of digital currencies is shared by many users.

Cryptocurrencies are decentralised, and driven by a global network of servers. Each server runs a computer programme which verifies the authenticity of each individual unit of currency, making transactions secure. Each server also holds a public record which files and validates every transaction of the virtual currency. The public record, as well as the network of servers, starts small but grows bigger as communities begin to use them.

When you receive your share of Dividend coins, you opt in to a larger community. You are free to influence that community, by purchasing more coins, accepting coins in exchange for goods or services, or simply holding onto them.

Get a Wallet

You need a wallet to hold your Dividend coins, just like you use a wallet in real life to hold your physical money.

If you are on a phone, you can download IndieSquare for iOS or Android.

If you are on a laptop or computer, you can create a web wallet with Counterwallet.

To create this currency, we used a service called Counterparty. You must use a Counterparty wallet in order to use Dividend coins.

Get Your Share

In order to purchase Dividend coins, you will need to buy a cryptocurrency called Counterparty.

Steps to purchase Counterparty coins
See the section called "New to Cryptocurrencies".

You can then buy additional Dividend coins from the exchange on Counterwallet or IndieSquare by searching "DIVIDENDPLUS".